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Are you still collecting data manually by hand from HMI screens and write them down on paper and transfer them to excel sheet later?

Are you still running your machines in Manual Mode and watch them all the time?

Have your customer asked you to provide data to confirm that the recent batch you ran was the same as the one you ran 6 months ago?

Have you thought of upgrading your legacy machines and benefit from rich features that fully automated machines can offer?


  • Help with upgrading your legacy machine to a fully automated one.

  • Help with programing the machine to run different products with limited supervision or no supervision at all.

  • Collect all the real-time data, and create dynamic reports automatically.

  • Use the historical data to compare recent batches with older batches to confirm consistency and accuracy of the operation.

Book a discovery call with one our experts today and let us help you
produce high quality products consistently.
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