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  •  Are you running a fully automated machine, collecting data automatically on the cloud for long term, and analyzing data to gain insight and increase performance on your machine?

  • Are you collecting Key Performance Indicators from your machines to know how your machines and your operators are performing so you can improve efficiency?

  • Are you able to trace back your machine movement and operation for a day or a month or a year to troubleshoot, analyze,  and gain insight?

  • Are you able to share dynamic reports and insights from your machine with your team, your stakeholders, and your customers? 

  • Have you been able to avoid long, exhaustive, and costly down time form faults on your machines and recover fast? 

Collect all the real-time Data (Temperature, Pressure, Flow), Alarms, and Events

from all your machines with different platform so you can:

SIGMA IoT Platform


  • Use historical data to understand areas for operational improvement

  • Identify When, Where, and Why a fault or an event happens and identify the cause

  • Identify probability of an outcome based on past behavior

  • Visualize and Control your machines from one central location

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